Somwhere Here on Earth

Somwhere Here on Earth

"Wild jungle, Amazon rainforest or savannah landscape with exotic animals and isolated seductive figures are striking with their vibrant colors and textures, defined shapes, and unusual juxtapositions. Portrayal of the jungle, animals, and plants became an important and dominant characteristic of my work. Each image glows from within exuding a sense of enigma. I present these themes through traditional painting and drawing techniques, paired with subject matter from the natural world as allegory." Bojana Knezevic

Cover Artwork: Somwhere Here on Earth - Oil on Canvas 100 x 70cm, 2013

Somwhere Here on Earth, oil on canvas,100 x 70cm

Somwhere Here on Earth, Oil on canvas, 100 x 70cm, 2013

Savannah,Holds me!, oil on canvas,100 x 70cm

Savannah,Holds me!, oil on canvas,100 x 70cm, 2013

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