Catpeople, Bojana Knezevic


Putting on another face embodies a fundamental human fantasy of inhabiting other bodies, playing with identity and experiencing other lives. In this process, in this game and creation we have turned into wild cats and our, modern city continued to be jungle, the natural field for hunting and playing. Bojana Knezevic

Cover Artwork: Catpeople - Black Panther,2015

Catpeople-Sri Lankan leopard, Bojana Knezevic

Catpeople-Sri Lankan Leopard

Catpeople, Bojana Knezevic Art


"Modern age proclaimed new types of identity. Modern philosophy, psychology, literature and visual art unmasked what was known as man. It became clear that under the surface of everyday life we have much more in common with our far relatives from primitive societies than we think we do. It became apparent that modern cities in their complex physiognomy are very like the jungles or forests of symbols as Baudelaire put it in one of his sonnets. Back to the primitive, which was the motto of modern art, announced the crises of artistic representation, and more profoundly, the crises in foundations of the world that was soon to be remodeled in set of serious historical repercussions. The flee of Paul Gaugain to Polynesia in some kind of converse missionary work, or the escape of Henry Rousseau into the world of naive fantasy, established one of the most distinctive traits of modern art, which opened new field of interest, but also became the trend, the attitude, the mode of artistic behavior. The symptom of that true rebellion soon became the vital part of our tradition and pop culture. Emblematic images of animals - archetypes and symbols, the spirit guides of shamanism, the tattoos used to signal the place that one held in subcultural milieu - became the common signs in every day communication, and the part of pop iconography. The wild, sexy, rebellious, untamed heroes and heroines of rock and roll, and their antihero pendants glorified by movie industry, were in their look and their nature often perceived as lions, tigers, tomcats, jazz cats, pussycats... Independence, integrity, individualism, disobedience, aesthetic rituals of tending one's appearance for hunt and lovemaking are the traits of cat. Emerging from plain, single-color background, depicted in hues of grey, the portraits of Bojana and her models are both social statements and emblematic figures whose existence is the enactment of constant opposition. That's why in this series of portraits coming back to primitive is actually attempt to establish the alternative mode of living that will oppose the reigning system that sustains conformity, mediocrity and humility. And that's the main reason why her lions, tigers and tomcats are standing en garde, ready to attack."
Miodrag Danilovic

Catpeople photography

Catpeople, mixed media project, 2016
Artist: Bojana Knezevic

Catpeople-Sri Lankan leopard, Bojana Knezevic

Art Habens, Limited edition,London Contemporary Art Magazine link

Catpeople, Bojana Knezevic Art

Street-Art project-Tunel Noite Ilustrada, Sao Paulo, Brazil,2016

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